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Want to save money on your theatre trip to NYC?

July 24th, 2012 by Jessica Kurtz

Me jazzing it up during last month's trip to NYC.

Headed to NYC sometime soon? It’s the best city on Earth, but it can come with a big price tag! Here are a couple tips on how to save money on theatre tickets without having to wait in the TKTS line.

-Head on over to and review the Rush, Lottery, and Standing Room only ticket Policies. This link will give you all the latest information on which shows currently have a rush ticket policy. Rush usually happens right when the box office is opening (usually 10 a.m.) or two hours prior to the curtain. Some policies will be student rush only or lottery rush (meaning they will pull names of out a hat), so make sure to read the fine print.

-Not a student? If you’re in NYC by yourself – head on over to the rush line and see if anyone is only purchasing one ticket. You never know when someone might be willing to buy an extra one for you with their student ID.

-Don’t assume that the box office sold out of rush tickets right at 10 a.m. I just went to NYC in May and went up an hour before curtain and they still had rush tickets available. If you’re really wanting to see something though – make sure to get to the box office early to get in line for rush tickets.

-Don’t hesitate to ask the box office if they have any ticket specials going on. You never know if they are trying to fill seats!

New York, New York, oh how I love thee!

-TKTS Booth is another option for tickets. The lines tend to be long and the discount is not as cheap as rush tickets, but it is still a discount! 

If you’re really wanting to see THAT ONE SHOW THAT IS THE MOST TALKED ABOUT SHOW OF EVER AND EVER – then I would suggestion biting the bullet and just buying the tickets for full price. You wouldn’t want to get all the way there and not be able to see it. (I mean – I guess that just means you would have to make another trip, right?!)

I love using this system when I’m in the city and I’m on a mission to see as many shows as I can. It saves me a lot of money and I usually have no problem getting to see the shows that I want.

Have a great trip!


Jessica Kurtz is Seattle Rep’s Major Gifts Manager and lover of all things New York. 

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