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The Belly Rules the Mind: Eat at the New Armory

June 26th, 2012 by Seattle Repertory Theatre

food court

A rendering of the new Armory/Center House! (Many of these renovations have already occured).

Venturing down to the Seattle Center soon to enjoy summer festivals and the Next 50 celebration? Then don’t miss out on the chance to check out the newly revamped food court at the Centerhouse (now called The Armory).

Now you may be wondering–why is Seattle Rep even talking about this? Let’s put it this way…the plethora of mouth-watering restaurants in the neighborhood makes it hard for our employees to honor that sack lunch they brought to work this morning. And besides, everybody loves finding a quick and tasty bite!

The revamped Armory isn’t your typical food court; some good stuff moved in recently and more will be coming soon! Think Eltana (wood-fired bagel cafe), Pie (savory and sweet flaky treats), Sweet Treats (think you can guess what this is), MOD PizzaCeres Roasting CompanySkillet, Dante’s Inferno Dogs, The Confectional, Bigfood (flatbread sandwiches, yum!) and Bean Sprout (health-focused cafe and kids’ cooking school). 

Kudos to Seattle Center for the revamp and providing folks with healthier options and more delicious choices. We’re thinking it will come in handy for those patrons this upcoming season who need  a quick bite before the show. (We definitely recommend trying the Chicken Pot Pie at Pie). 

There’s a Spanish proverb that says, “The belly rules the mind.”  Now go forth and eat!



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