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Hear from Megan Cole, Suzanne Bouchard and Alexandra Tavares, the stars of Seattle Repertory Theatre’s production of Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women.

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  1. David Clarke Says:

    The same conceit as Waiting for Godot, the second act in part repeats the first but does so with with the three characters ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ representing the same woman at different stages of life. Each character cannot initially understand how they either become their future or were their past. Yet they are unified, in word and action.

    Albee doesn’t write words , he chisels them. But each of the actresses breathes life into their character, never calculated but every gesture and utterance is brought to life with radiant intelligence. The play throttles your imagination in the first scene and never lets go, not a line, word or punctuation mark could be shifted or removed without detriment. Ultimately the play asks the question posed by the heart of Greek tragedy, given the chance to have never been born, would you choose to be born or to never exist? Despite that question, the play is very funny, sexy and moving. And if you say ‘yes’ to the question it is the ultimate affirmation, to be or not to be in reverse.

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