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Ana Maria Campoy

Love letters to Renata

February 23rd, 2011 by Ana Maria Campoy

Renata Friedman in The K of D, which closed Feb. 20. Photo by Chris Bennion.

More than 100 kids from Chinook Middle School came to see The K of D, an urban legend and loved it! They all wrote thank you cards to actress Renata Friedman, and here are some of our favorite quotes:

Nadia: “Your transitions between characters gave me goose bumps. I was especially amazed in the scene of Mrs. McGraw and her bracelets, the subtle insanity you held in her voice was awe-inspiring.”

Quin: “I think you are a great actor and will be famous someday. Your BFF, Love, Quin.”

Annalise: “One scene I really liked was when that one drunk girl was saying ‘You look like some fine boys, you can wreck my property any time you want.’”

Abbey: “I have always thought you needed props and sets to put on a play. The K of D play proved me wrong. My favorite part was when you caught fireflies in the jar.”

Kylie: “I wasn’t sure anyone could pull off a performance like that but you exceeded my expectations. You are very talented and I can tell you that you will go places in life.”

Sophie: “When Jamie’s laughter was in the trees, my heart was pounding really hard.”

Alex: “You never stuttered, and for one actor, that’s pretty impressive.”

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